Sales Associate Job at Canada’s Largest Tech Retailer (The Source)

Source is the largest technology retailer in Canada, and every day we come to work excited to share brilliant technology and amazing brands with our fellow Canadians. From your local shopping center to cool music festivals, we are where Canadians live, work and play.

Every day our partners across the country help Canadians find the technology they want and need. "Source" is a great place to work and we are committed to developing it through the best training programs in its class that will help you do your best. Behind our Partners Store is a support team of professionals who sponsor our product lineup, ensure on-time delivery, create attractive marketing campaigns and help keep our systems operating at peak capacity.

We are excited about what we are doing and looking for individuals who have the passion, curiosity and real cooperation to join us!

What will you do?

You will be a brand ambassador
Will contribute to the team's success by achieving personal sales goals
As a Sales Associate, you will be an expert on all technology activities and will help you create easy solutions for our customers
You will work closely with your teammates to ensure that the store runs its peak operational performance
You will stay ahead of the curve by regularly completing the training - then sharing what you have learned with others

What you will need

You must be passionate about the associated technology and how it affects people's lives
You will need to have great skills in people - for example: to be a good listener, able to build relationships, able to overcome objections
Natural curiosity about technology, communications and sales
Experience in retailing or selling specific assets
Must be flexible: Ability to work on weekdays, evenings, and weekends is a must
What will you get?

You will be subjected to hands-on training and manual training - get ready to learn!
Our reward and appreciation programs are wide: enjoy a variable payment based on your personal sales, as well as other great incentives such as opportunities to win trips abroad or even rated devices
You will enjoy a compensation package that includes basic wages plus non-deductible commissions: most of our partners receive between $ 17 and $ 21 per hour *
You will get great discounts on almost all of our products
Thinking about building a career with us? Explore endless indoor opportunities in both retail and corporate roles
This range is not the guaranteed rate. The scope of the presentation is an approximate estimate based on the current associate's commission and basic remuneration. As an unplanned structure, associates may provide more than a provision, although associates are guaranteed by their base salary as specified in their employment contract.
Job Type: Retail
Position: Sales Associate - Source - Winkler
Job Location: Canada: Manitoba: Winkler
Deadline for submission of applications: 03/25/2019

As a technical retailer in the neighborhood, you have the opportunity to work near your home. We are proud to offer a competitive compensation package that includes an equivalent bonus program, career development opportunities, multifaceted training programs, competitive medical benefits and dental treatments, charity opportunities, volunteer opportunities and, of course, participant discounts!

The source celebrates and embraces diversity as part of our culture. We strive to be a comprehensive, fair and accessible environment that supports both our internal and external customers, ensuring that everyone feels appreciated and respected.



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