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What Apps on Your Smartphone Are Your Favorites?

There are over 2.8 million apps for Android phones, 2.2 million for Apple smartphones. Those are incredible numbers. While it may seem that you have a large percentage of those on your phone, our actual use is surprisingly small. The typical person uses nine applications per day, from a core of 30 apps that are clicked at least once a month. Many more may live on your phone, but they are unused.

I thought it might be interesting to share which smartphone apps we use most often. Which ones are essential to you everyday? Which ones are part of your regular routine, though not as often? Which one have you tried and deleted because they just didn't fit your lifestyle or they bombard you with too many ads and constant updates? What are the silliest or most unnecessary apps you have seen?

How about my phone? There are 40 apps on my Android Galaxy. I am on par with the national average: seven or eight of them I use every day and another 10-15 get monthly use. There are several that came with the phone that have been either deleted or disabled when Android insists I keep it.

Daily, I look at:

1) Huffpost
2) CNN
3) Gmail
4) Google Calendar
5) Chrome browser
6) Messenger
7) Twitter & Facebook


1) Spotify
2) Alexa
3) various bank apps and credit card apps
4) Weather channel (will it ever cool down?)
5) Google maps
6) Phone (yes, I actually make a few calls per week)
7) a ham radio app to take part in weekly on-air meeting

Monthly (or less):

1) Verizon (to check on data use)
2)  Groupon
3) Anti-virus app (it does its thing every day in the background)
4) Trip Advisor
5) VR (when grandkids want to play VR games)
5) Camera

What are my major application irritants? 

A) Those that update too frequently. The "new" version is worse than the old one.
B) Apps that load too slowly because of too many video or advertising popups. 
C) Those that require registration and/or email address to continue. 
D) Those that don't deliver what they promise.
E) Those preloaded on the phone that I can't delete

The New Galaxy 8 will be released shortly, at a price close to $800. Apple's newest version is now out, too, at a similarly silly price. At least for me, that is crazy. At those prices, my Galaxy 6 is going to be my best buddy for a long time to come. The apps I choose to use have to work for my lifestyle.

How about you? What apps can't you do without and which ones have you discovered that disappoint or frustrate you? Help us out!


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