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I Need Your Feedback

I have started writing a new book about retirement. This would be my third. Sales of the first two continue but the latest one is over four years old so now is the time. At this point I have finished a rough draft of two of the nine chapters I envision.

But, the last few days have given me pause, and I'd like your feedback. There are a lot of books about retirement. I receive information about a new one on this subject at least once a week. Some are good, some not so much. But, the bottom line is there are thousands of books about retirement covering every aspect of this important subject. 

I am asking myself now, before I put several months into this project, whether the world needs another book about having a satisfying retirement. Is there any part of retirement finances, relationships, passion-building, travel, time management, and volunteering that need covering again in a book format?

Blog posts about retirement are different. 700 words can be read in a few minutes. The ability to comment or read what others have to say makes each post a potential learning experience. There is a feeling of community on these pages.

So, here comes the request for your feedback: should I write a new book about retirement? Is there something you think I could bring to the subject that is missing from many of the others in this category? Would another Satisfying Retirement book help people? If the answer is, Yes, then I will continue. There is a central focus for the book I have in mind. I have gained enough experience over the last several years to still have plenty to say.

But, if you believe my efforts may be best spent elsewhere, I would deeply appreciate your saying so. Is there a another subject you think might be productive for me to explore?  Should I save my writing for these blog posts and spend my creative time finding new things to explore on these pages? Maybe it is time I explore videos on YouTube or podcasts.

At this point I am open to all ideas. Obviously, I am comfortable writing about retirement and can produce a quality product. But, maybe I am stuck in one area. Maybe the time is now to write about something else.

Please rest assured, I am not talking about changing this blog. This is my home and where my on-line family and friends are.  I just would like some feedback before I write 250 pages on a subject that maybe has been adequately covered! To write and produce a book that may not attract many readers is probably not the best use of my time. 

I am quite anxious to read your thoughts. Thanks for anything you care to share.


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