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Your Definition of Retirement Success

The last time I checked, Amazon had over 9,000 books for sale that dealt with one or more aspects of retirement. I would guess that most of them tell you to have a successful retirement by following their guidelines and rules. 

Regular readers of this blog know it isn't that simple. Each satisfying retirement is unique. Suggestions are tremendously helpful. Past experiences should be considered. Obviously, I trust this blog passes on some thoughts that help you decide how to build your retirement.

But, the bottom line is, there is no blueprint we can follow that guarantees success. Each of us takes pieces and parts we learn about, mix those with our own goals, personality, and resources, and move forward on our journey.

One thing that is very helpful in this process, is to read what others have done. Sometimes, those experiences will cause us to consider a new path or a readjustment. Other times, we will glimpse a caution light that tells us to proceed with care. And, then there are important moments when others will point out a flashing red light that tells us of a decision that did not work out well.

If I asked 50 people for their definition of retirement success, I bet I would receive 50 different answers. Sure there would be common threads, but success is a very personal measurement. For some, financial freedom is the most important way to gauge a retirement, because that can open up opportunities that otherwise might be missed.

For others, stronger relationships are key. The time to volunteer, deepen one's spiritual life, work on projects that have lingered for years, or find a creative path that was undiscovered before retirement might indicate achievement of retirement success. Maybe just having a loose schedule with the freedom to craft each day as you see fit is your indicator. For many, it is something very personal that says, success.

So, let me turn to the folks who can share with the rest of us, what makes a retirement successful: you. Give the question some thought and then add your ideas and conclusions on what defines a successful retirement for you.

All answers are valid because of the uniqueness of the journey. Don't hesitate to list several things that you think are important in defining a retirement that is satisfying.

All of us look forward to a lively exchange of ideas.


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