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My Retirement Shortcomings

Satisfying Retirement is a pretty positive place to learn about retirement. If you are looking for help in preparing for your retirement, or want some ideas on how to make this stage of your life joyful and productive, there are all sorts of informational resources available here. These past 15 years have been a very positive time in my life.


I would be less than honest, however, if I didn't admit when I have been wrong about some things retirement-related. Everything has not been a bed of roses. So, here is a list of how my retirement life has fallen short in some ways. If any of these have happened to you, know you are in good company. If you have avoided these screwups or missed opportunities, congratulations! 

* I was unhappy in my job for too many years before I had the gumption to make the decision to leave the work world behind. I wasn't bringing my best to my clients and I was shortchanging myself.

* I wasted the first two years worrying about everything, from finances to how I filled my days. I think that is rather common, but still, worry rarely solves anything and 95% of what I worried about never came to pass.

* While still a young retiree (early-mid 50's) I remained too conservative with investments. In hindsight, I should have taken a few more investment risks when I had plenty of time to recover any loses.

* I have let my physical condition deteriorate more quickly than it needs to because of my laziness toward regular exercise. The gym is 10 minutes away, we have half a dozen parks close to our home, and I have bought a bike. So, what's the problem?

* I still treat time as if it is endless for me. There will always be tomorrow to start, or finish something. My sense of urgency is lacking. 67 isn't ancient, but the clock is ticking.

* Sometimes I write a post that isn't completely honest about my feelings on a particular retirement topic. I fear offending readers. Is that silly? Occasionally should I throw caution to the wind? 

* I have a healthy retirement investment account but continue to live well beneath our means. I know I can't take it with me, but I have always lived this way, so it very hard to change now. That means I miss opportunities and experiences that I really could afford. 

* I don't know if my daughters and families will be able to retire the way I did. I fear for their future and the freedom that can come with retirement. 

* I wonder when I will run out of things  to write about. Then, I wonder what is next.

* I pray I never have to go back to work; I have no marketable job skills. There is little call for a 67 year old former radio announcer!


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