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An Open Letter To My Grandkids

My Darling Grandchildren,

Much of what I want to tell you in this letter won't make much sense to you yet. You are still young enough that everything is made safe and right by your mom and dad, brother or sisters. You have two sets of grandparents who live nearby, see you often, and love you very much. You have an aunt who would give her life for you. An uncle and your cousins are frequent visitors. God loves you and has your future well in hand.

Things that happen in your world all make sense. You have food to eat when you are hungry and a bed to sleep in when you are tired. You have favorite toys and lots of books. A swimming pool keeps you and your family cool in the summer. Your days are free of danger and fear. You are very lucky and blessed to have this time in your life. Many other little boys and girls around the world do not have what you do. They are not bad or less deserving but have a much tougher time growing up to be happy and healthy.

As you grow, things will start to change in your world. Mom and dad, grandparents, cousins, and your aunt and uncle will always love and protect you. You will never be abandoned or made to feel unimportant. But, the sad truth is that some of the things in the world and some other people will not care as much for you or protect you.

Some will be mean to you and try to make you feel small or wrong or unimportant. Some will try to get you to do something you know in your heart is wrong. Some will try to take away things that are yours. Some will call you bad names. Some may even try to hurt you.

What I want you to know is that all those bad things in the world do not have the power to change you. Who you are today and the very special person you will grow to become cannot be harmed by the bad parts in the world, unless you lose faith in God, those who love you, and faith in yourself. You will have the strength to say "No" to anything that wants to make you into something else.

There will be times in your life when you will make mistakes. You will choose to do something that you shouldn't. You will say mean things to other people. You will be tempted to do something you know isn't best for you and others. 

When these things happen, and they will, I want you to remember that you are just a human being. You are not designed to be perfect. You are not built to never make mistakes or wrong choices. So, don't feel you have failed. Don't make a mistake worse by trying to cover it up. Don't allow something you did wrong today affect how you act tomorrow. 

God has already forgiven you. Those who love you deeply will never, ever stop loving you totally and completely. They may be disappointed when you make a wrong choice, but will never walk away from you or make you feel unworthy of their love and care.

Honor your parents. You will not always agree with them, but they deserve your respect. Make your word be your bond. When you promise to do something, do it. Protect the environment. We only have one earth. Defend your brother or sisters, both verbally and physically, if need be. 

The world is a tough place to live. You will need strength in your character and convictions every day. But, I know as strongly as I know anything in my life, that you will never fail to live a life that makes the world just a little bit better because you are in it.

All my love,



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