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WHY ARE ADSENSE AD IMPRESSIONS NOT SHOWING UP?This year, we've seen an increase in the number of AdSense forum discussions, questioning why AdSense ad impressions are not showing on certain sites or pages. Two main reasons have been identified: AdSet file problems with AdSense AND recent changes made by Google to prevent ads from appearing on non-indexed Google pages (Google AdSense Brand Safety Update) . Save
Below, I will explain the origin of these two problems and offer you comprehensive solutions to solve them. I will explain how to make AdSense ads appear again on pages affected by these two potential issues . Finally, I'll give you some tips to avoid these issues in the future, to prevent any interruption of your AdSense ad impressions. UNDERSTAND WHY ADSENSE ADS ARE NOT SHOWING ON YOUR SITE OR WEB PAGEAs I said above, the problem of displaying AdSense ads on certain blogs and sites is related to two main problems. Problems encountered with the Ads.txt file (an element on w…
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VKKS spoke about the punishment for falsification and concealment of income

VKKS spoke about the punishment for falsification and concealment of income The fourth bulletin of the Higher Qualification Collegium of Judges came out this year. It explains with examples what awaits the judge, who asked the deputy chairman to write her a civil dispute for consideration, and whether the judge will be punished for missing a criminal case. VKKS also told why applicants are denied recommendations for the post of judge.Responsible for procedural errorsThe judge of the Novooskolsky district court of the Belgorod region, Lyudmila Lebedinskaya, during the consideration of the civil case, divided the claims: partially satisfied the main lawsuit, refused to satisfy the counterclaim, left the remaining part of the claims without consideration. The higher court concluded that this Lebedinskaya flagrantly violated the rules of procedural law, and issued a specific ruling against her. In another case, Lebedinskaya incorrectly applied substantive law, which led to an additional bu…